ABIGAIL (Japan) - CD/LP "Ultimate unholy death"

ABIGAIL - CD/LP "The final damnation"

ABIGAIL / KORIHOR (Japan / Phillipines) - CD/LP "Alkoholik metal blasphemers"

ABOMINANT (USA) - MCD "Never truly dead"

ABOMINANT - CD "Triumph of the kill" (Inside art)

ABOMINATOR (Australia) - Demo LP "Barbarian war worship"

ABOMINATOR - CD/LP "The eternal conflagration"

ABOMINATOR - CD/LP "Evil Proclaimed"

ABOMINATOR - "The Fire Brethren" CD/LP

ABOMINOG (USA) - EP "Grotesque humanity"                   

ABOMINOG - T-shirt design

ABSU (USA) - T-shirt 1992 "Infinite and profane thrones"

ABSU - MLP 2016 "Infinite and profane thrones"

ABYSSALS (France) - EP "The hole of souls"

ACRIMONIOUS (Greece) - MCD / 10" "Perdition gospel"

À BLEU - T-shirt hommage à Mika Bleu 2016

AD BACULUM (Brazil) - "Blackness doctrine" CD

ADIPOCERE (France) - T-shirt 2017

ADUMUS (USA) - CD "Invincible black order"

AGONIZED (Finland) - Demo 1991 "Gods..."

AGONIZED - EP/CD "Gods..." 2013

AGURZIL (Morocco) - Demo 2017

AMORPHIS (Finland) - Demo "Disment of soul"

AMORPHIS - T.shirt design

AMORPHIS - Flyer art

ANAL VOMIT - (Peru)- LP "Depravation"

ANATOMIA (Japan) - Split EP (w/ Interment)

ANATOMIA - T-shirt "Cranial Obsession"

ANATOMY (Australia) - MCD "Twisting depths of horror"

ANATOMY - MLP "Twisting depths of horror"

ANCESTRAL FOG (France) - T-shirt

ANCIENT WOUND (USA) - CD "The undead storm"

ARCHGOAT (Finland) - MLP "Angelcunt"

ARCHGOAT - T-shirt 2005 "Tour of the black moon"

ARCHGOAT - CD/LP "Whore of Bethlehem"

ARCHGOAT - T-shirt "AG 6.66"

ARCHGOAT - CD/LP "The light-devouring darkness"

ARCHGOAT - CD/LP "The aeon of the angelslaying darkness"

ARCHGOAT - MCD/MLP "Heavenly vulva [Christ's last rites]"

ARCHGOAT - Split LP w/ Incantation "Jesus Spawn"

ARCHGOAT - CD/LP "The Apocalyptic Triumphator"

ARCHGOAT - T-shirt "Funeral Pyre of Trinity"

ARCHGOAT - Coat of arms T-shirt


ARCHGOAT - Tour shirt 2016 North America

ARCHGOAT - Tour shirt 2016 South America

ARCHGOAT - Tour shirt 2017 North America

ARCHGOAT - CD/LP "The Luciferian Crown"

ARCHGOAT - Tour shirt 2018 "Darkness has returned" Europe

ARCHGOAT - 30 years of Devil Worship in Paris Double LP live "XXX"

ARMOURED ANGEL (Australia) - CD/LP "Angel of the sixth order"

ASPHYXIATE (Phillipines) - CD "The process of mutilation"

AURA NOIR / RAVENCULT (Norway / Greece) - 7"EP 2019

AURAL OFFERINGS (France) - Shield - logo

AUSTRALWAVE (Italy) - CD 2015

AUTOPSY TORMENT (Sweden) - CD "7th rituals for the darkest souls of hell""

AZAZEL (Finland) "Aegrum Satans Tecum" CD


BAHIMIRON (USA) - CD/LP "A shank in the guts of Christ"

BAPHOMETAL (Argentina) - Zine cover issue # 1

BARRIER KULT (Canada) - Extreme skateboard team T-shirt 2013

BATTLEAXE (United Kingdom) - Reissue CD "Burn this town"

BEHEADED (Singapore) - Demo "N.A.S.R.A.N.I"

BEHERIT (Finland) - Picture EP "Dawn of satan' s millennium"

BEHERIT - Split EP "Werewolf, semen & blood" ( w/ Deathyell )

BEHERIT - Poster version 2010 "Werewolf, semen & blood"

BEHERIT (Finland) - CD/LP "The oath of black blood"

BEHERIT - T-shirt "Lordgoat" 1991 + LP "At the devil's studio"

BEHERIT - CD/LP/Picture "The oath of black blood" 2005

BEHERIT - T-Shirt "Demon advance"

BEHERIT - Ltd wooden box LP/EPs 2017 "The oath of black blood"

BESTIAL MOCKERY (Sweden) - Demo / 10" "Sepulchral wrath"

BESTIAL MOCKERY  - CD/LP "Gospel of the insane"

BESTIAL MOCKERY  - CD/LP "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw"

BLACK CANDLE (Luxemburg) - CD "Nightfire"

BLACK DOG / PARIS - T-shirt 15th anniversary

BLACK MASS (USA) - CD "Conquering legions of Astaroth"

BLACK SERPENT (Australia) - T-shirt / EP

BLACK WITCHERY (USA) - LP "Desecration of the holy kingdom"

BLACK WITCHERY - T-shirt "Demon"

BLACK WITCHERY - LP/CD "Upheaval of satanic might"

BLACK WITCHERY - Split EP 2015 w/ Revenge

BLASPHEMOPHAGHER  (Italy) - Slipcase Die hard LP "Nuclear empire ..."

BLASPHEMOPHAGHER - CD "Atomic carnage in the temple of nuclear hell"

BLASPHEMY (Canada) - Fan club design / Live War command for Baroeg CD

BLASPHEMY - CD "live ritual - Friday the 13th"

BLASPHEMY - LP "Live ritual - friday the 13th"

BLASPHEMY - Blood upon the altar 20th anniversary poster / T-shirt 2009

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom 20th anniversary poster / T-shirt 2010

BLASPHEMY - T-shirt 2015


BLOBFISH KILLER   - MCD "Between the fishes and me"

BLOOD (Germany) - Split EP w/ Impetigo " the dead"

BLOOD - T.shirt design "Macabre possession"

BLOOD - T-shirt "The twisted body of god"

BLOOD - T-Shirt 2014

BLOOD - Tour-Shirt 2015

BLOOD - T-Shirt "In Hell we Burn" 2016

BLOOD - CD/LP "Inferno"

BURNING WINDS (USA) - LP "Ceased to exist"

CAEDES CRUENTA (Greece) - "Of Ritual Necrophagia ..." CD/LP

CARNIFEX (Finland) - Demo cover

CARNIFEX - CD/LP Demos rerelease 2018

CATACOMB (France) - 2CD "The years of morbidology"

CENTINEX (Sweden) - Demo "Transcend the dark chaos"

CENTINEX - LP "Susconscious lobotomy"

CENTINEX - "Subconscious Lobotomy" CD 2021

COFFINS (Japan) - CD/LP "Mortuary in darkness"

COFFINS - CD/LP "The other side of blasphemy"

COFFINS - CD/LP "Buried death"

COFFINS - Split EP w/ Spun In Darkness

COFFINS - CD/LP "The fleshland"

COFFINS / DEPRESSION (Japan / Germany) - Split CD/LP

COFFINS "Beyond the Circular Demise"CD/LP

COITUS DIABOLI (France) - EP "Goat kult"

COÏTUS DIABOLI - MLP "Attakking Jehovah"

COÏTUS DIABOLI - CD "Attakking Jehovah"

COÏTUS DIABOLI - MCD "Attakking Jehovah"

CONVULSE (Finland) - T.shirt "Resuscitation of evilness"

CORPSE FUCKING ART (Italy) - MCD "A puzzle of flesh"

CORPSE FUCKING ART - CD "The art of the fucking corpse"

CORPSE FUCKING ART - CD "War of the toilet gear "


CORPSE FUCKING ART - CD "Quel cimitero accanto alla villa""

CORPSE FUCKING ART - CD "Splatterphobia""

CRUCIFIER (USA) - Cassette EP "Unparelleled majesty"

CRUCIFIER - 2LP "Coffins through time .... A mourning in Nazareth"


CRYPTIC GRAVE (France) - MCD 2017

CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland) - CD/LP "Metal nation"

CRYSTAL VIPER - EP "The wolf and the witch"


CRYSTAL VIPER - CD/LP "Crimen Excepta"

DAEMONIAC (Italy) - MLP/MCD "Lord of immolation"

DAEMONIAC  - CD/LP "Spawn of the Fallen"

DAEMONIAC "Dwellers of the Apocalypse" CD


DARKTALES (France) - CD 2016

DAWN (Germany) - T-shirt "Morbid downfall"

DAWNPATROL (France) - CD "The dawn of steel"

DE SUIE, D'OR ET DE SANG (Belbium) - Book 2021

DEAD TO THIS WORLD (Norway) - EP "Dominions of death"

DEAD TO THIS WORLD - LP "First strike for spiritual renewance"

DEAD TO THIS WORLD - Picture LP "First strike for spiritual renewance"

DEATH DIES (Italy) - Goat symbol


DEATH POWER (France) - 2CD "The Bogeyman returns"


DEATH TEMPLE (Austria) - CD "Dominion of the Night"

DEATH YELL (Chile) - Discography DLP/CD "Morbid rites"

DEATH YELL - Split EP cover ( w/ Beherit )


DEEP VEIN / HYPOKRAS (France) - Split CD "Ancestral death metal terror"

DEIPHAGO (Costa Rica/Phillipines) - EP "XCIII"

DEMILICH (Finland) - Exclusive T-shirt Wolf Throne Festival 2015

DEMONCY (USA) - Demo/T.shirt "Faustian dawn"

DEMONCY - Demo cover

DEMONCY - Reissue LP "Joined in darkness"

DEMONCY - T-shirt "Faustian dawn" (2 versions) + LP cover

DEMONOMANCY (Italy) - T-shirt 2014

DERKETA (USA) - EP "Premature burial"

DESASTER (Germany) - CD/LP "Angelwhore"

DISABLED (France) - MCD "Faith ablation"

DISABLED - T-shirt 1992

DISABLED - T-shirt "Green flesh messiah"

DISABLED - 2CD "When all is slayed..."

DISABLED - Tape "The final exhumation"

DISABLED - "The Final Exhumation" Digi CD

DISCARNATE (Finland) - Demo cover

DISMEMBER - (Sweden) - Australian tour shirt 2005

DISPATCHED (Sweden) - EP "Awaiting the end"

DISTASTE (France) - Demo cover

DROWNED (France) - Demo cover

EMBALMER (USA) - CD/LP "Emanations from the crypt""

EMBRACE OF THORNS (Greece) - LP/CD "Atonement ritual"

EMPTOR (Norway) - T.shirt "Abomination"

EMPTY (Spain) - CD/LP "The house of funerary hymns"

ENJOY THE VIOLENCE (France) - Les origines de la scène Thrash/Death en France

EVIL (Japan) - CD/LP "Rites of Evil"

EVIL OMEN (France) - Compil CD "vociferous & machiavellian hate"

EVIL OMEN - T.shirt "Vociferous & machiavellian hate"

EVIL OMEN - Logo "winged demon"

EXCIDIUM (Italy) - CD "Infecting the graves"

FALL OF SERAPHS (France) - CD "Destroyer of worlds"

FALL OF SERAPHS / TREPANATOR (France) - Split CD "Incarnation of torture"

FALL OF SUMMER (France) Open air festival T-Shirt 2015

FALL OF SUMMER - Open air festival T-Shirt 2016

FALL OF SUMMER - Open air festival T-Shirt 2017

FALLEN SOULS (El Salvador) - LP "God is dead"

FESTERDAY (Finland) - Demo cover

FESTERDAY - 7" EP 2018

FESTERDAY - CD/LP "Iihtallan"

FUNEBRARUM (USA) - Split CD w/ Interment "Conjuration of the sepulchral""

FUNEBRARUM - Split LP w/ Interment "Conjuration of the sepulchral""

FUNERUS (USA) - CD "Festering earth"

FUNERUS - EP "The black death"

GALERIA DE MUERTE (Japan) - T-shirt "Death Metal"

GERVELKT (The Netherlands) - LP "De grote sterfte"

GOATHOLOCAUST (Belgium) - CD "Satan jugend"

GOATHOLOCAUST - "Neuvaine du Mal" CD

GOATLORD (USA) - CD/LP "Reflections of the solstice"

GOATLORD - CD/LP "Reflections of the solstice" Reissue

GOATLORD - CD/LP "Distorted birth: The demos"

GOATLORD - CD/LP "The last sodomy of Mary"


GOAT OF THE HARVEST (USA) - Zine cover issue # 2

GOAT OF THE HARVEST - Zine cover issue # 3

GOATSLAVE (France) - MCD "Procession of doom"


GOATVOMIT (Greece) - MLP "Rites of damnation"

GOATVULVA (Finland) - Demo "Baphometal"

GOATVULVA - Demo "Capella"

GOATVULVA Demos compilation


GODLESS RISING (USA) - MCD "Rising hatred"

GODLESS RISING - CD/LP "Battle lords"

GODLESS RISING - Tee-shirt "Baphomet"

GODLESS RISING - CD/LP "Trumpet of triumph"

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia) - 12" "Sinners / Monuments..."

GRAVE DEBECRATOR (Brazil) - CD "Deathspells rising"

GRAVEHILL (USA) - CD/LP "Death curse"

GRUMPY MOOD (France) - GM Productions

HADEZ (Peru) - 3xLP boxset "Guerreros de la Muerte"

HARD ROCKER Magazine (Pol) - Mag 20th anniversary cover

HATE ETERNAL (USA) - Merch 2018

HATESPAWN (Germany) - Demo "Ascent from the kingdom below"

HATESPAWN - T-shirt 2008 + Demo "Blasphemous redeemer" 2012

HATESPAWN - Demo LP "Abyssic conquerors" 2013



HELLFEST (France) - Open Air festival T-shirt 2014

HELLFEST - Open Air festival poster flag + T-shirt 2015

HELLFEST - Open Air festival T-shirt 2016

HELLRAPER  (France) - Demo "Feed bitches with satan's seed"

HEXECUTOR  (France) - T-shirt 2016

HEXEN HOLOCAUST  (France) - MCD "Heretical dreadful orgies"


HOLY DEATH (Poland) - LP "The knight, Death and the Devil"

HOLY HELL  (Finland) - Demo LP

HORRID (Italy) - CD "Sacrilegious fornication"

IGNIVOMOUS (Australia) - EP "Eroded void of salvation"

IMPIETY (Singapore) - CD/LP "Funeralight"

IMPRECATION (USA) - CD "Theurgia goetia summa"

IMPRECATION - LP/CD version 2010 "Theurgia goetia summa"

IMPRECATION - CD/LP "Satanae Tenebris Infinita"


IN AETERNUM (Sweden) - MCD /T-shirt "Curse of devastation"

INCANTATION (USA) - EP "Entrantment of evil"

INCANTATION - EP "Deliverance of horrific prophecies"

INCANTATION - T-shirt "Onward to golgotha"

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2005 "Decimate the east cost"

INCANTATION - EP "Thieves of the cloth"

INCANTATION - T-shirt "Primordial domination"

INCANTATION - EP "Scapegoat"

INCANTATION - CD/LP "Blasphemous cremation"

INCANTATION - CD "Blasphemy" Reissue

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2013 (1)

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2013 (2)

INCANTATION - Split LP w/ Archgoat "Demo 90"

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2014 v1

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2014 v2

INCANTATION - LP "XXV - Quarter century of blasphemy"

INCANTATION - T-shirt 2017

INCANTATION - Tribute to the Goat

INCARNIS (USA) - T.shirt "Shadow side of God"

INCRUST (Brazil) - CD "Baptized in unholy gore"

iNFERNAL CURSE (Argentina) EP "Demented visions of darkness"

INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Singapore) - MCD "Antichrist execration"

INFERNAL EXECRATOR - CD "Ad infinitum satanic adherent"

INTERMENT (Sweden) - Split CD/LP (w/ Funebrarum) "Conjuration..."

INTERMENT - Split LP (w/ Funebrarum) "Conjuration..."

INTERMENT - Split EP (w/ Anatomia)

INTO DARKNESS (Italy) - Split EP w/ Golgoutha

IRREVERENT (USA) - Demo cover + Split LP/CD (w/ Conqueror)

KNEEL BEFORE THE MASTER'S THRONE  (Germany) - Label logoat

KORIHOR / ABIGAIL  (Phill - Japan) - CD/LP "Alkoholik metal blasphemers"

KORIHOR - MCD "Bastardo"

LA DELAISSADO (France) - Zine #1 2021

LA FIN DU MONDE (France) - Records label

LETHAL SAINT (Cyprus) - Promo CD/EP "Saint strikes back"

LONEWOLF (France) - CD "The dark crusade"

LOUDBLAST (France) - T-shirt "The abstract god"

LOUDBLAST - T-shirt "A bloody oath"

LOUDBLAST - T-shirt "Grand Burial tour 2015"

M.S.C.L. (USA) - Logo

MALEFICUM ORGIA (France) - CD / LP s/t

MASACRE (Colombia) - T-shirt/LP/CD

MASACRE - CD/LP "Metal Medallo Attack"

MASS GENOCIDE (Germany) - Zine cover issue # 1

MASS GENOCIDE - Zine cover issue # 2

MASTER OF CRUELTY (Paraguay) - EP "Depths of a cold abyss"

MELEK-THA / DOLORISM  (France) - Split CD 2010

MERCYLESS (France) - CD "Unholy chapters (1987/1990)"

MERRIMACK (France) - CD/LP " Ashes of purification"

Tribute to METALUCIFER (Japan) - Compilation CD "Heavy Metal Hell"


MORBOSIDAD (Mexico) - EP "Legiones bestiales"

MORBOSIDAD  - CD/LP "Profana la cruz del nazareno"

MORBOSIDAD / PERVERSOR  (Mexico - Chile) - Split CD/LP 2010

MORBOSIDAD - CD/LP "Muerte de Cristo en Golgota"


MORTICIAN (USA) - EP "brutally mutilated"

MORTICIAN - TS "brutally mutilated"

MORTUARY (Mexico) - CD/LP "Blackened images"

MOSHERS TEAM (France) - T-shirt 2014

MUTILATED (France) - 2LP "In memoriam"

MUTILATED - EP "Resurrected"

MYSTICAL MUSIC (Germany) - Zine cover

NAER MATARON (Greece) - Goat symbol

NAILS  (USA) - T-shirt "Life is a death sentence"

NAKED WHIPPER (Germany) - CD "Painstreaks"

NAZXUL (Australia) - 20 years anniversary release

NECROHOLOCAUST (USA) - Split EP w/ Zygoatsis

NECROMANTIA (Greece) - Demo 1990 "De magia veterum" + CD/LP 2009

NECROMANTIA - T.shirt "Necromancer"

NECROMANTIA - Coat of arms "Nos es eternus" T-shirt

NECROMASS (Italy) - EP "His eyes"


NECROMESSIAH (Italy) - CD/ LP "Antiklerical terroristik death squad"

NECROMESSIAH - CD/ LP "The last hope of humanity"

NECROMORBID  (Italy) - CD/LP "El Dia de la Bestia"

NECROMORBID - "Sathanarchrist Assaulter" CD/LP

NECROSLEEZER (Canada) - "Pope Kill" LP 2018

NECROT (USA) - Merch

NEUROSIS (Colombia) - CD "Verdun 1916"

NEVER DEAD (France) - Demon logo

NOCTURNAL (Germany) - EP "Tormentor"

NOCTURNES MIST (Australia) - CD "March to Perdition"

NOMED (France) - 2CD "Thrashing insanity"

NOMINON (Sweden) - Tape EP/T-shirt "Blaspheming the dead"

NOMINON - MCD/MLP "The true face of death"

NOMINON - CD/LP "Recremation"

NOMINON - CD/LP "Remnants of a diabolical history"

NOMINON - CD/LP "Monumentomb"

NOMINON - "Yesterdeath" CD/LP

NOSVROLOK (USA) - CD "The luciferian doctrine"

NOX IRÆ (France) - CD/LP "Here the dead live""

NUCLEAR WAR NOW! - Festival vol.III Berlin 2012

NUCLEAR WAR NOW! - Festival vol.IV Berlin 2014

NUCLEAR WAR NOW! - Festival vol.V Berlin 2016

OCCULT (Netherlands) - T-shirt "Disturbing the dead"

OHURA-MAZDO (Japan) - T.shirt "666"

PERDITION TEMPLE (USA) - CD/LP "Edict of the antichrist elect"

PERDITISM (China) - LP "Under the sign of total genocide"

PEST (Finland) - EP "Towards the bestial armaggeddon" (gold vinyl)

POISON LEATHER - (Spain) "Trapped in the Abyss of Chauvet" MLP/MCD

POSSESSED (USA) - European & South american Seance Tour shirt 2013

POSSESSION (Belgium) - EP "Anneliese"

POSSESSION - MLP/MCD "1585-1646"

POSSESSION - T-shirt 2015

POSSESSION - CD/LP "Exorkizein"

POSSESSION - T-shirt 2018

POSSESSION - Split CD/LP "Passio Christi" (w/ Venefixion & Spite)

PROCLAMATION (Spain) - Split EP w/ Teitanblood

PROCLAMATION - Split LP w/ Teitanblood

PROFANATICA (USA) - MLP "Altar of the Virgin Whore"

PROFANATICA - T-shirt 2019

PSORIASIS (Belgium) - Demo "Sick morbid theories

PURTENANCE (Finland) - CD/LP "Member of immortal damnation"

PURTENANCE - Poster version "Member of immortal damnation"

PURTENANCE - MCD "Sacrifice the king"

PURTENANCE - CD/LP "Awaken from slumber"

PURTENANCE - LP/CD " spread the flame of ancients"

PURTENANCE - Tour shirt 2015

PURTENANCE - EP "Paradox of existence"

PURTENANCE - "Buried Incarnation" CD/LP

PUTREFIED BEAUTY (Italy) - Promo demo CD

PUTRID PILE  (USA) - CD "The pleasure in suffering"

PYRENEAN WARRIORS (France) - Open air festival T-Shirt 2017

PYRENEAN WARRIORS Open air festival T-Shirt 2018

PYRENEAN WARRIORS Open air festival T-Shirt 2019

PYRENEAN WARRIORS Open air festival T-Shirt 2021

RAVENCULT (Greece) - EP "Armageddon rising"

RAVENCULT - CD "Morbid blood"

RITUALIZATION (France) - T-shirt 2015

RITUALIZATION  - CD/LP "Sacraments to the sons of the Abyss"

RITUALIZATION - T-shirt 2018

ROAZHON UNDERGROUND (France) - Poster / flyer...

ROOT (Czech rep.) - 4xLP boxset "Dema"

ROSS BAY CULT (Canada) - T-shirt 2015

SABBAT  (Japan) - Double LP "Asian demonslaught"

SABBAT - CD "Charisma"

SABBAT - LP "Kill Fuck Jesus Christ"

SACRAL NIGHT (France) CD/LP 2021

SADOGOAT  (Finland) - T-shirt "Sadomatic goat cult"

SARCóFAGO (Brazil) - Fan club design/T-shirt "Christ's death"

SARCOMA (USA) - EP "Ars moriendi"

SARINVOMIT (Turkey) - EP "Baphopanzers of the Demoniacal Brigade"


SATANIC WARMASTER / ARCHGOAT (Finland) - Split LP/CD "Lux Satanae"

SATHANAS (USA) - T-shirt "Black earth"

SATHANAS - T-shirt "S"

SATHANAS - Sygil shirt design


SATHANAS - CD "La hora de Lucifer" (Asian version)

SATHANAS - LP "La hoja de Lucifer"

SATHANAS - Coat of Arms "Trinity of Death"

SAVAGE MASTER (USA) - CD "Mask of the Devil"

SAVAGE MASTER - EP "Black Hooves"

SAVAGE MASTER - CD/LP "With whips and chains"

SAVAGE MASTER - MCD/MLP "Creature of the flames"

SIGH  (Japan) - CD "Scorn defeat"

SINISTER (Netherlands) - CD "The blood past"

SKELETHAL (France) - Death Metal from the Tomb MCD/MLP

S.O.D MAGAZINE. (USA) - Issue #28

SORGHEGARD (Sweden) - CD/LP "Holocaust of the holy"

SPUN IN DARKNESS (USA) - CD "Birthrignt"

SPUN IN DARKNESS - Split EP w/ Coffins

SPUN IN DARKNESS - CD "Feast of the undead"

STORMRIDER (Sweden) - CD "Lucifer rising"

STORMVOLD (Spain) - CD/LP "IV Kataklismo"

SUNN O))) (USA) - Tour shirt 2016

SVARTFELL (France) - CD/LP "Day of the unholy massacre"

TEITANBLOOD (Spain) - Split EP w/ Proclamation

TEITANBLOOD - Split LP w/ Proclamation

THE BEAST (Belgium) - CD "Fixed by the devil"

THE BEAST - LP "Fixed by the devil"


THE SATAN"S SCOURGE (Colombia) - CD/LP 2011

THE SOUNDS OF HELL Compilation CD Hardrocker magazine


THE WINE OF SATAN (Greece) - Compil LP cover

THE WINE OF SATAN II (Cyprus) - Compil LP cover

THORNCROSS DESIGN (France) - T-shirt "In nomine satanas" 1994-2004-2014

THOU ART LORD (Greece) - T-shirt "Societas Satanas"

THRONEAEON (Sweden) - Demo "Carnage"

THRONEUM (Poland) - EP "The last morgue"

THRONEUM - CD/LP "Pestilent death"

THRONEUM - CD/LP "Deathmass of the Gravedancer"

TORGEIST (France) - Demo / LP "Devoted to Satan"

TORTURE THRONE (France) MCD "Thy serpent cult"

TRIVIUM  (USA) - Tour shirt design "Insurrection"

TRIVIUM  - Tour shirt design "Spider demon"

TRIVIUM  - T-shirt design "Necronomicon"

UNGOD (Germany) - CD/LP "Conquering what once was ours"

UNHOLY TERROR (Ger) - zine cover issue # 3

UNLIGHT (Germany) - CD "Eldest born of hell"

VADER (Poland) - Book "Live in Necroreich"

VADER - T-shirts serie 2015

VALJYRJA (Sweden) - Tour shirt 2017

VAMPIRE MAG (Germany) - T.shirt design

VERMETH (France) - CD/LP "Suicide or be killed"

VITAL REMAINS (USA) - T-shirt "Doomsday"

VITAL REMAINS - Tour shirt 2015

VOCIFERIAN (Belgium) - CD "On angelbones blood altarized"

VOCIFERIAN - Digipack CD "Iscariot Gospel"

VOLUME BRUTAL (France) - T-shirt 2017

WE ARE FRENCH, FUCK YOU ! (France) - Compilation 2*CD

WE ARE FRENCH, FUCK YOU ! ll - Compilation 2*CD Vol.2

WOLF THRONE (France) - Festival 2013 Logo and T-shirt design

WOLF THRONE II - Festival 2015 T-shirt

WORSHIP (Germany / France) - LP "Dooom"

YELLOWGOAT (USA) - LP "The Yellowgoat sessions"

ZARATHUSTRA (Germany) - MLP/MCD "Contempt"

ZEMIAL (Greece) - MLP/CD "Necrolatry"

ZEMIAL - Tour shirt 2018 "The phalanx marches out"

ZYGOATSIS (Thailand) - LP "S.K.U.D. (Satanic cultus - Unholy desecration)"

ZYGOATSIS - Split EP w/ Necrotholocaust


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