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DEATH DIES - Goat symbol
GOATVOMIT - MLP "Rites of damnation" Worship him / Deathstrike records
 BURNING WINDS - LP "Ceased to exist" Kiss Of Shame prod.
MASACRE - T-shirt Oblitreration records
BLACK MASS - CD "Conquering legions of Astaroth"
RAVENCULT - EP "Armageddon rising" Aenaon music

INCRUST - CD "Baptized in unholy gore" Ibex Moon records
ANATOMY - MLP "Twisting depths of horror" (Reissue) Abysmal sounds
BESTIAL MOCKERY - MCD / 10" "Sepulchral wrath"

SATHANAS - Website goat design

HELLRAPER - Demo/T-shirt "Feed bitches with satan's seed"

ASPHYXIATE - CD "The process of mutilation" Despise the sun records

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FUNERUS - CD "Festering earth" Ibex Moon Records
GOATLORD - LP/CD "The last sodomy of Mary" Nuclear War Now ! prod.
SADOGOAT - T.shirt "Sadomatic goat cult" Ancient Darkness Productions
COFFINS - CD "Mortuary in darkness" Razorback records
NOMINON - "The true face of death" MLP TPL Records / MCD Nuclear Winter prod. 
CORPSEFUCKING ART - CD "The art of the fucking corpse" Despise The Sun Rec.
GOATLORD - 3LP/CD "Distorted birth: the demos" From Beyond Productions
KORIHOR / ABIGAIL - Split CD Hells Headbangers Records
OCCULT - T.shirt "Disturbing the dead"
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BLACK WITCHERY - CD/LP "Upheaval of satanic might" Osmose prod. / NWN!
BLACK WITCHERY - CD/LP "Upheaval of satanic might" (Inside artworks)
 THRONEUM - 7" EP "The last morgue" From Beyond Productions
THRONEUM - CD/LP "Pestilent death" Apocalyptor records.
INCANTATION - Tour-shirt 2005 "Decimate the East Cost"
ZARATHUSTRA - MLP "Contempt" Undercover records
MERRIMACK - CD/LP cover / Poster "Ashes of purification" Goatowarex.
TEITANBLOOD - Split EP w/ Proclamation Kiss of shame prod.
PROCLAMATION - Split EP w/ Teitanblood Kiss of Shame prod.

NOMINON - CD/LP "Recremation" Konqueror records
CORPSEFUCKING ART - CD "War of the toilet gear" Gorgiastic records.
ARCHGOAT - Tour-shirt 2005
ABIGAIL - CD/LP "Ultimate unholy death" Nuclear War Now ! prod.
KORIHOR - MCD "Bastardo" Hippieshredder prod.
TEITANBLOOD - "Carnivore eucharist" T-shirt
DEAD TO THIS WORLD - EP "Dominions of death" Iron Pegasus
DESASTER - CD/LP "Angelwhore" Metal blade / Iron pegasus.
ABOMINANT - T-shirt + inside CD art "Triumph of the kill" Deathgasm records.
IMPIETY - "Funeralight" MCD/MLP Agonia records.
PUTRID PILE - CD "The pleasure in suffering" Gorgiastic records.
FALLEN SOULS - LP "God is dead" Intolerant records.
SORGHEGARD - CD "Holocaust of the holy" Metalfortress entertainment.
 IN AETERNUM - MCD "Curse of devastation" Pulverised records
DISMEMBER - Australian tour-shirt 2005 Bleed records.
ACRIMONIOUS - MCD/10" "Perdition gospel" Salvation distro
MORBOSIDAD - EP "Legiones bestiales" Nuclear War Now ! prod.
DEATHEVOKATION - Promo CD 2005 "Blood"
BESTIAL MOCKERY - CD/LP "Gospel of the insane" Osmose prod.
GODLESS RISING - CD "Rising hatred" Pathos prod.

GOATHOLOCAUST - CD/LP "Satan jugend" Infernus rex
THE BEAST - CD "Fixed by the devil" (Art created in 1992) Painkiller rec.
THE BEAST - LP "Fixed by the devil" (Art created in 1992) Painkiller rec.
BAPHOMETAL 'zine - Issue # 1 (Art created in 1996)
SATHANAS - T-shirt "S"
NAER MATARON - Pentagram
BEHERIT - Reissue CD/LP "the oath of black blood" (Color version of the art created in 1991) Emetic records
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