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SPUN IN DARKNESS "Feast of the undead" CD Horror Pain Gore Death rec.

NOMINON "Monumentomb" CD/LP Deathgasm rec.
CATACOMB "The years of morbidology" 2CD Armée de la Mort rec.
INCANTATION "Blasphemy" CD Reissue
ABSU "Infinite & profane thrones" MCD/MLP Candlelight rec. (Color version of the art created in 1992)
ABOMINATOR "Barbarian war worship" Demo LP NWN! (Artwork created in 2005)
MELEK-THA / DOLORISM "The call of Cthulhu" Split CD
THE SOUNDS OF HELL Comp CD (Art created in 1991) Hard Rocker management
COITUS DIABOLI "Goat kult" EP Chalice of Blood Angel prod.

DEEP VEIN / HYPOKRAS Split CD "Ancestral death metal terror" Armée de la Mort rec.
CRYSTAL VIPER "Legends" CD/LP AFM Records / Spiritual Beast Records

BLASPHEMY "Fallen angel of doom" 20th anniversary poster gig + T-shirt
BEHERIT "Werewolf, semen and blood" Official poster 2010 (Red version created in 1991)
IMPRECATION "Theurgia goetia summa" LP 2010 (Black & white version of the CD cover created in 1995)
HARDROCKER Magazine mascot # 20 cover
INFERNAL CURSE "Demented visions of darkness" EP Chalice of Blood Angel prod.
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER "Atomic carnage in the temple of nuclear hell" CD Despise the Sun rec.
DEMONCY "Joined in darkness" Reissue LP NWN!
TORTURE THRONE "Thy serpent cult" MCD
AD BACULUM "Blackness doctrine" CD
Tribute to METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Hell" CD
LETHAL SAINT "Saint strikes back" Promo CD/EP
NOMED "Thrashing insanity" 2CD Armée de la Mort rec.
SATHANAS "La hora de Lucifer" CD Asian version Evil dead prod.
MASACRE “Metal Medallo Attack” LP (Both early MLPs on one LP)" CD/LP NWN! (Art created in 1990)
THE SATAN"S SCOURGE CD/LP NWN! (Art created in 1993)
ZYGOATSIS "S.K.U.D. (Satanic kultus - Unholy desecration)" LP Necromancer records
SATAN"S HOST "XXV" CD/LP Moribund rec.
ARCHGOAT "Heavenly vulva [Christ's last rites]" MCD/MLP Debemur Morti prod.
ARCHGOAT "Heavenly vulva [Christ's last rites]" MCD/MLP
GRAVE DESECRATOR "Deathspells rising " CD Despise the Sun rec.
CENTINEX "Susconscious lobotomy" Reissue LP Dark Symphonies
PERDITISM "The sign of total genocide" LP Psychedelic Lotus Order
SATHANAS "La Hora de Lucifer" LP version Pagan rec. (Color version of the 1993 artwork)
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