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ROOT "Dema" 4xLP boxset Nuclear War Now!
INCANTATION "Thieves of the cloth" 7"EP Ibex Moon rec
ABOMINATOR "The eternal conflagration" CD/LP Displeased rec.
THRONEUM - CD/LP "Deathmass of the Gravedancer" Displeased rec.
FUNEBRARUM / INTERMENT Split LP/CD Conqueror of thorns
COFFINS "The other side of blasphemy" CD/LP Imperium prod.
ARCHGOAT "Whore of Bethlehem" CD/LP Hammer of hate
ARCHGOAT "Whore of Bethlehem" Inside art. Hammer of hate
MYSTICAL MUSIC 'zine cover
NOMINON - CD "Remnants of a diabolical history" - 1997/2005 " Trauma rec.
NOSVROLOK "The luciferian doctrine" CD (Inside art) Infernus rex
STORMRIDER "Lucifer rising" CD Aural offerings rec.
ANCESTRAL FOG Tee-shirt design
INFERNAL EXECRATOR "Antichrist execration" MCD Pulverised rec.
INCANTATION Tee-shirt design
INCANTATION "Blasphemous cremation" LP/CD/TS Necroharmonic
DEATHYELL CD/DLP "Morbid rites" Nuclear War Now!

UNLIGHT "Eldest born of hell" CD Heavy horses rec.
VOCIFERIAN "On angelbones blood altarized" CD/LP Archasm releasing
VOCIFERIAN "On angelbones blood altarized" CD/LP Inside art.
MALEFICUM ORGIA CD/LP Insidious poisoning rec.
AURAL OFFERINGS shield / logo
BLACK WITCHERY / ARCHGOAT T-shirt / Split LP Blasphemous Underground Prod.
NEUROSIS "Verdun 1916" CD Goregiastic rec.
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS 12" pict disc/CD Kneel before the master's throne rec.
CORPSEFUCKING ART "Zombiefuck" CD Sevared rec.
NECROMESSIAH "Antiklerical terroristik death squad" CD Blasphemous underground prod.
ANCIENT WOUND "The undead storm" CD
HATESPAWN "Ascent from the kingdom below" Demo 2007
PROCLAMATION / TEITANBLOOD split LP Kneel before the master's throne rec.
GODLESS RISING "Battle lords" CD Moribund rec.
WORSHIP "Dooomr" LP Painiac rec.
ADUMUS "Invincible black order" CD Aural offerings rec.
ARCHGOAT T-shirt "AG 6.66"
SPUN IN DARKNESS "Birthright" CD Battle Kommand rec.
GOATLORD - LP/CD "Reflections of the solstice" (Black & white version of the art created in 1991)


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